Will You Push Through Doubt and Obstacles?

Have you ever dreamed of doing something so big that even YOU doubted whether or not it was possible? We all have! Doubt like that can cause us to lose our zeal and passion, but it can also motivate us to keep pressing on. Today I’m writing to say that big dreams can become possible.

My Big Dream Has Been To Help Families Everywhere

Everywhere? Everywhere! How is that possible? We’re offering our ministry program online.

Start by imagining that you are taking a college course online from home. You register, log in, stream videos, and track your progress with a workbook and chapter quizzes. Next, imagine a family with a teenager or young adult who is making poor decisions in life. The parents believe that they’ve lost control because their child is turning away from them and from God. Those families are everywhere, and now they will be able to get professional and personalized help in much the same way that we have helped hundreds of families in our local meetings since 1998.

Family healing and recovery must have a personal element. You don’t heal alone. That is why we have created the Safe Harbor Family Life and Parenting Forum.

Our new web developer, Delton Childs, has flipped the switch to change our old website to the new platform. One important feature is the launch of our Family Life and Parenting Forum. Do you have a question about single-family parenting, children with ADHD, or how to reestablish boundaries when you believe you have lost control in your home? Simply start a new topic! The Safe Harbor Family Life and Parenting Forum will help you quickly find the answers you need. Quali­fied individuals and other experienced and concerned parents will serve one another in support and encouragement. In time, the forum will become a place where an unlimited number of parents and professionals will join together to discuss and solve the issues facing families everywhere.

What are you facing? What have you learned? Find help or give help by visiting our new Family Life and Parenting Forum

So, what is YOUR big dream? I want to encourage you to keep talking about it, praying about it, dreaming BIG about it. It just might be possible!

By God’s grace,

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Executive Director at The Safe Harbor
All of Sean's allowance goes to photography, all of his free time goes to his family, and all of his hope is in Christ. Visit our forums and receive our newsletter to have a role in Safe Harbor's ministry to families.

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