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Access to Hope and Healing Scholarship Fund

  • Families come to Safe Harbor for help in the midst of crisis when their teen or young adult is making poor decisions in life. Often, they are facing financial stress as well.
  • By offering scholarships:
    1. Families are more likely to enroll in our 12-week program because of the reduced cost.
    2. Families are more likely to attend faithfully because of the appreciation of the gift you have given on their behalf.
  • Each week families are transformed through the power of the Gospel.

Restoring Families

Every week throughout the year we minister to parents and teens in our Family Life and Parenting support group meetings. Our desire is to provide hope and healing to all who come for help.


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"Safe Harbor Changed Our Lives"

Letters received from parents who recently attended our 12-week Family Life and Parenting Program

“Safe Harbor changed our lives. Safe Harbor gave me back the son who I had lost. Safe Harbor helped me develop tools to be a much better parent. The way that Safe Harbor is structured is fabulous. They put the teens together with mentors (college age students who may have had similar issues growing up), and this immediately put our son at ease and gave him someone to talk to and look up to. The mentors are fabulous and they really are able to connect with the teens.”

“Our son developed a close relationship with his mentor during the process and their conversations had an impact on him. I could literally see him change during the counseling process. He looked forward to attending the meetings, as I did. We grew extremely close as father and son. We were close before, but now much, much closer. Something as simple as sharing a meal together after the counseling session became very important to us. His grades improved, his entire attitude changed, he became the young man that I knew he could be.

Jeff Williamson – Safe Harbor Parent 2015

". . . the services are priceless."

Dr. Richard Ince, a reputable psychologist in the Birmingham area, began to volunteer for Safe Harbor in the summer of 2001. In just a few short weeks, he became convinced that Safe Harbor’s family support group meetings were extremely valuable to hurting families. He has stated publicly that he has witnessed families come farther in a few weeks of the Family Life and Parenting support group meetings than in months and even years of regular counseling and other programs.

In the spring of 2002, Dr. Ince became a member of the Board of Directors for Safe Harbor and conducted research to determine the value of the services provided. His findings confirmed what former clients had stated many times: the services are priceless. Nowhere else can families have crisis intervention practically 24/7, vital teaching, mentors for their teens, and parent encouragers who support hurting parents. Dr. Ince did, however, determine a dollar value for twelve weeks of the Family Life and Parenting Program for a mother and father with one troubled youth. He stated the value as $1300.00, approximately $110.00 per session.