A child’s bad behavior and habits that might have gone unnoticed or not addressed during the summer tend to become more obvious once students are back in school. We’ve reached an important time of the school year when parents of students are either thinking “We’re in good shape so far, let’s keep it up” or, “Oh boy, this isn’t looking good, we need help!”

If your child or a child you know is experiencing an increase in anger or aggressiveness, withdrawal or depression, inactivity or lack of motivation, or worse, then there are three things that are nearly guaranteed: Whatever they are doing is always worse than you think, it has been going on longer than you know, and it will not get better on its own. Now is the time to get help.

The good news is that Safe Harbor offers two excellent resources to help your family survive these difficult times and find healing and restoration.

Local help in the Birmingham area:

Safe Harbor’s Refuge Program is a family support group whereby parents and teens come to find help in the midst of their storm. Families meet together to work on issues during 12 weekly sessions which run concurrently throughout the year. With proven success, parents receive encouragement, support and instruction to reverse the tide toward destruction of home and family. During this time, teens meet with Safe Harbor mentors every week. The mentor builds a relationship of trust through listening, and is then able to guide and transform the teen through a Biblical understanding of self-respect, acceptance, and security. Our work differs from many other programs in that we work with the adolescent AND their family every week. A family can join at any time as there is no waiting period to attend. Most importantly, as we serve these families we depend on God through faith and prayer to transform and restore their lives.

Online help throughout the country:

No matter where you are you can get immediate and relevant help through Safe Harbor’s Calming the Storm online parenting series. The series consists of 10 videos presented by licensed Christian counselors to specifically target the problems threatening today’s families. Some of the session topics include Anger, Grief and Loss, Substance Abuse, Boundaries, and Marriage, available to stream privately and at your own pace. You can watch all 10 sessions in one month for $20, or keep the subscription active and work through the sessions until you see change. It doesn’t happen overnight! Our website has sample videos and testimonials to give you an idea of the quality and effectiveness of this ministry. Sign up or contact us today to start getting help.

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