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Get The Resources You Need Locally To Deal With The Changing Attitudes Of Your Child

The general response to youthful rebellion, especially alcohol and drug use, is counseling, rehabilitation, or juvenile lockup. The results of these efforts have been disappointing, at best. Safe Harbor’s program addresses the home environment, working with both the teen and parent in order to reverse the tide toward destruction of home and family.

Our Local Resource program:

  • Provides seasoned speakers to educate about youth culture and issues
  • Disseminates informational materials through the internet and all available media
  • Educates professionals working with youth through continuing education
  • Works with government regarding new laws to protect adolescents
  • Stands alongside law enforcement with programs for juveniles
  • Supports parents by providing the tools needed to be aware of current pitfalls for youth

After an initial consultation, families are invited to attend a local Refuge site. Refuge sites host 12 week sessions which run concurrently throughout the year. During these sessions support is available to help teens gain self-respect, acceptance, and security. The sessions also guide parents in better assessment and control of their respective situations.

Not only do the adolescents have a mentor, the parents also have parent encouragers who stand alongside the family and offer support. Our program differs from other programs in this unique way – we work with the adolescent AND their family.

Education and Prevention

The goal of prevention is teaching, training and/or supporting parents, and others, to provide a means to identify at-risk behaviors before they become a life-threatening problem.

The best deterrent to family heartache is a well informed parent, and that extends to a well-informed teacher, pastor, law or medical professional, and the general public. Our goal at Safe Harbor is to provide current and verified information about youth culture through presentations, speaking engagements, the internet, and media in general. The pressure on youth to make poor and dangerous choices is incredible and parents are often caught off guard and ill-informed.

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Destructive behavior by today’s youth crosses all economic, social and religious boundaries. We live in communities, attend schools, and work in places where the effects of alcohol and drug use, addictions and other rebellious behavior present serious obstacles to a safe and productive family and community.

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Understanding Adolescents

Everyone has an interest in adolescents, even in the workplace where companies face the absenteeism of parents who are in the midst of a home crisis. In youth groups and on school campuses, teens influence teens and need to understand the consequences of their choices through the information Resource provides. Youth in trouble are found in our legal system and Safe Harbor is addressing these juvenile offenders with its Community and Court Referral Program. Seventy percent (70%) of Alabama’s children who leave the Department of Youth Services (DYS) will return to the system as repeat offenders. Safe Harbor provides a new interface between these youth and the legal system that can restore these offenders to a better future lifestyle.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors associated with youth rebellion that Refuge addresses.

  • Poor coping skills
  • Low self image
  • Anger
  • A non-structured home environment
  • Ineffective parenting skills
  • Affiliation with peers engaged in unhealthy or risky activities
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Illegal or other poor decisions
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