Last night we hosted an amazing presentation of The Jesus Film to an audience of over 200 in Mundri, South Sudan. It is safe to say most have never seen a movie, especially in their Moru language. They have also never heard the story of Jesus presented in such a full way. It was touching to hear the crowd spontaneously clap during when Jesus appeared after His resurrection. We experienced the same emotional response earlier in the week with an audience of 400.

South Sudan - Students In A ClassroomThe people of South Sudan are amazing. They have a knowledge of God and there are village churches. There is a tremendous need for teaching about Christ, follow-up and discipleship. Please pray for the expansion of the current outreach and for more workers. There is also a tremendous need for infrastructure. Imagine living without clean water, electricity, medical centers and schools. Imagine living without just one of those. I am struck by how so many people live with so little. We have been asked to pray that a cure would be found for Nodding Disease. Also, pray that families and villages would be reunited now that the civil war is over.  Many people fled.


I genuinely believe that we can find great joy and fulfillment by reaching out to others with the love of Christ. I know that I have while here in South Sudan. Let us pray for one another and ask that He would use our lives in greater service to glorify Him.

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