Getting Help

The focus of Refuge is to give families and their teens an opportunity to face and repair their personal hardships in a confidential and positive environment, through instruction and support.

Destructive behavior by today’s youth crosses all economic, social and religious boundaries. We live in communities, attend schools, and work in places where the effects of alcohol and drug use, addictions and other rebellious behavior present serious obstacles to a safe and productive family and community.

The general response to youthful rebellion, especially alcohol and drug use, is counseling, rehabilitation, or juvenile lockup. The results of these efforts have been disappointing, at best. Safe Harbor’s program addresses the home environment, working with both the teen and parent in order to reverse the tide toward destruction of home and family.

After an initial consultation, families are invited to attend a local Refuge site. Refuge sites host 12 week sessions which run concurrently throughout the year. During these sessions support is available to help teens gain self-respect, acceptance, and security. The sessions also guide parents in better assessment and control of their respective situations.

Not only do the adolescents have a mentor, the parents also have parent encouragers who stand alongside the family and offer support. Our program differs from other programs in this unique way – we work with the adolescent AND their family.

Rebuild Relationships & Become The Ultimate Parent

Gain The Emotional and Psychological Tools You Need To Cope With Your Changing Teen.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors associated with youth rebellion that Refuge addresses.
  • Poor coping skills
  • Low self image
  • Anger
  • A non-structured home environment
  • Ineffective parenting skills
  • Affiliation with peers engaged in unhealthy or risky activities
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Illegal or other poor decisions

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