Hope for Families in Crisis

Find hope and healing for your family through our Faith Based Online Video Series.

10 Engaging Lessons presented by Certified Family Counselors will help you find calm in the midst of the storm.



How well does your child manage their anger?



How would you rate your child’s choices in friends?



How well does your child respond to authority figures?

Tammy Bond, MSW, THM

Tammy Bond, MSW, THM

Licensed Certified Social Worker

Kelley Cousins Jones, M.S. M.Ed.

Kelley Cousins Jones, M.S. M.Ed.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Trey L. Hill, Ph. D.

Trey L. Hill, Ph. D.

Licensed Psychologist

Rev. Kevin Moore

Rev. Kevin Moore

Executive Director, Mission Birmingham

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Dedicated To Educating Communities

Helping Restore Families Who Have Been Negatively Affected By Their Teenager's Behavior.

Safe Harbor changed our lives. Safe Harbor gave me back the son who I had lost. I learned of the mistakes that I made and was able to develop skills to be a much better parent. I learned that changes needed to be made within the family, not just with our son. The way that Safe Harbor is structured is fabulous. I strongly feel that kids and families are missing the boat if they don’t give Safe Harbor a try. Safe Harbor’s biggest fan, Jeff

Jeff Williamson

Safe Harbor Parent

Helping Families In Troubled Times

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Families In The Face Of Substance Abuse

Do you know the difference between substance abuse and dependency? Learn to recognize destructive behavior in your family.


Do you think of yourself as a codependent person, someone who has their identity needs met from another person? Discover what codependency looks like and how it can be overcome.

Marriage: Focusing On The Bigger Picture

Are you married, single, or thinking about getting married? This session will enable you to focus on the bigger picture in your most important relationships.

Overcoming Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

Have you or your child experienced a loss? If unresolved, it can lead to anger, anxiety, sickness, or depression. Get help navigating the stages of grief and loss.

Marriage: Focus On Integrity

Did you enter your marriage thinking it would make you happy? Find out why marriage is designed to make us holy rather than happy.


Do you or someone in your family fly off the handle easily or often? Explore what actions you can take to get a grip on your anger.

Walking In Forgiveness

Forgive and forget? Ugh! Learn to recognize what forgiveness is and isn’t; and how to forgive and receive forgiveness.



Are your boundaries too rigid or too loose? Find out if you are over-functioning or under-functioning as a parent.

Home Contracts

A written formal agreement between parents and children that specifically defines expected behavior, rules, and any consequences or rewards related to following or violating these rules.

Prayer: When Life's A Mess Do What's Best

How is your communication with God? The greater the level of communication you have in a relationship the greater the level of intimacy.