2015 Safe Harbor Sporting Clays Benefit

2015 Sporting Clays Benefit

Join Friends, Family & Community Members at Selwood Farm November 5th, 2015. Register Online Today.

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Social Networking Challenges Every Parent Should Know

Social Networking Challenges Every Parent Should Know Free Report
Family Help Seminars To Regain Control

Biblical Stewardship

Your tax-deductible contribution enables Safe Harbor to minister to families in the midst of teen and young adult rebellion.

Family Help Seminars To Regain Control

Prayer Requests

Safe Harbor is devoted to prayer. How can we pray for you?

Family Help Seminars To Regain Control

Volunteer Registration

Your experience and giftedness can be used by God to make a difference in your community.

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Daniel: The Faithful Youth in a Foreign Land

A few weeks ago, someone hacked into my email account and sent out a bogus email, saying that I was stuck in the Philippines and needed financial assistance to get home. It was a scam and those who know me recognized it as such. Thank God they did and didn’t send this identity thief any money.

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Esther: The Beauty Queen of Obedience

The term “diva” wasn’t fashionable when I was growing up. We used words such as stuck-up, bigheaded and uppity to describe those who had an air of superiority, who thought they were the center of the universe and who believed they were entitled to the best life had to offer.

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Joseph: The Champion Against Sexual Temptation

Imagine you are a teenager in a foreign country and your family doesn’t know anything about your whereabouts. You are living and working in the home of your boss who has given you control over everything in his company. You’re brilliant, smart and extremely successful... read more

Dedicated To Educating Communities

Helping Restore Families Who Have Been Negatively Affected By Their Teenager's Behavior.

You guys do a much better job for families in our situation than Bradford. I strongly feel that kids and families are missing the boat if they don’t give Safe Harbor a try. I look forward to sharing our experience with Bradford with you. At last night’s meeting I saw first-hand the vast difference in the way Bradford approaches counseling vs. Safe Harbor. I am going back tonight for our son’s completion ceremony. I am going to recommend to a family that they give you a call and check out Safe Harbor. This family really really needs you guys. Their son is finishing up tonight but he is far far behind our son in his treatment and behaviors. Safe Harbor’s biggest fan, Jeff

Jeff Williamson

Safe Harbor Parent

Safe Harbor Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Before they even call out, I will respond; while they are still speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24 (NET)

  Are you anxious, stressed, or facing an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome? The good news is that you aren’t alone and you don’t have to carry the burden by yourself. God loves you and we can help by praying for you.   At Safe Harbor we are devoted to prayer. Each week our faithful prayer partners take time to lift up the requests we receive. How can we pray for you?

Let Us Pray For You