To Whom It May Concern,

Our family experienced a traumatic event approximately one year ago that involved drug addiction with our son. Feeling very unequipped to deal with this matter, we prayed to God for direction, which led us to reach out to Safe Harbor. We contacted Safe Harbor and met with the executive director, Sean Hannon, to get further information about their program.

The program was truly a safe harbor for us. It provided a safe and trusting place to share our most intimate and delicate story of our son’s drug addiction and road to recovery. We no longer felt isolated and were provided with some excellent resources. The weekly topics that were presented by knowledgeable speakers were discussed in the group sessions that really enabled us to understand the dynamics of drug addiction and our role as Christian parents. It was solely refreshing and empowering to be part of a group with fellow Christians relying on their faith and the power of God for healing and restoration.

The program was instrumental and enhanced our faith, which also led us to participate as co-leaders. Presently we are able to share freely and openly our experiences of faith, hope and love as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ. We’re indebted to Safe Harbor and Sean for being there for us at such a critical time.

With Love,
Herbert & Tanya

Riverchase, AL