Just over 6 years ago I got in trouble that amounted to more than I ever imagined I would be in. I let a lot of people down with poor decisions and greatly affected many of the things I would want to do later in life. Juvenile Court Judge Kramer requested that I attend a program with my parents called The Safe Harbor. The things I learned at The Safe Harbor were literally life changing. Every day I see kids my age I’ve known since elementary being posted on the news and social media for car wrecks involving drugs, running from the cops, possession of drugs, or dead and I think to myself where did our paths separate, why did that happen to them but not me? Why are things so different for me? Safe Harbor. The Safe Harbor was the turning point for me. I’m so grateful for what they did, helping me become a responsible young adult, that I’m now a youth mentor for them and have been for over a year. I greatly suggest that if you or someone you know needs help in their family, share this with them, it could save a life.